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locksmith in Saint Johns

Locksmith Saint Johns

Have you recently found yourself locked out of your car or your house?

Has the key broken off in the ignition and you can't get it out? Have you recently broken off a relationship and you need to get your house rekeyed? If the answer to any of these is yes, then give Locksmith Saint Johns a call right now. We are the local choice in Saint Johns Florida for top quality locksmith services at very affordable prices.

Call Us: (904) 201-8092

With over 27 years combined experience, our expertise extends to automotive, commercial and residential locksmithing. We have live 24 hour emergency service throughout the region and we boast, ultra quick 15 minute response times. If you need us right now, call our telephone number right away!

We are always happy to answer questions and we promise to always be upfront with you about all of your available options. Bookmark this site for easy retrieval and be sure to put our phone number into your cell phone address book for future needs.

Emergency Locksmith Service - Locksmith Saint Johns

If you need emergency locksmith service and you live in the Saint Johns area, you are in luck! Our well trained and fully licensed team is available round the clock to assist you with your emergency needs. We come to your location in mobile locksmith vehicles loaded with the latest locks and key making computerized equipment. With our super fast, 15 minute response times, we can have you back into your house, car or office in no time and on your way as if nothing ever happened.

So don't waste valuable time trying to find spare keys or trying to break into your home or car. Call us at the first sign of trouble and we will get you back on schedule.

Call Us: (904) 201-8092

Automobile Service - Locksmith Saint Johns

If you have lost your car keys or had them stolen, Locksmith Saint John can help. Many people have a second set of keys but they are usually in another location and they have to get somewhere fast. Often times, a key that was sticking in the ignition finally breaks off and you can't get the other half out. Keys get locked inside car trunks all the time. All of these scenarios sound annoying but when they actually happen to you, it can cause sheer panic and frustration. Worse still, you might be in a less than ideal neighborhood after hours, or have children or pets stuck in the locked car! This is why having our telephone number handy is so important. Don't waste valuable time trying to locate a phone book only to start combing through 20 pages of questionable locksmith dispatch services. Simply reach for your cell phone and have Locksmith Saint Johns on the line with one tap of your finger.

Besides emergency automobile help, our company can provide:

  • car doors and ignitions rekeyed
  • ignition cylinders repaired or replaced
  • car door and trunk locks repaired
  • extraction of broken keys
  • motorcycle and scooter keys replaced and repaired
  • transponder and chip keys replaced
  • laser and high security keys
  • we service all makes and models including newer ones
  • we service high end luxury cars with keyless entry

Your choice of who you use for automobile locksmithing is very important. Don't leave a job like this to just anyone. We are not handymen. We are fully trained and certified locksmiths with all appropriate licenses and insurances in place. We can work at your site and get the job done with no further damage to your vehicle. All of our technicians have been cleared for drug and background issues. When you use a Locksmith Saint Johns technician, you get guaranteed work as well as peace of mind.

Call Us: (904) 201-8092

Residential Service - Locksmith Saint Johns

If you are looking for trustworthy, professional residential locksmith services, call our telephone number at once. There really is a difference in companies. Not only are we available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies, we are also highly regarded home security experts. All of our technicians are real employees. We never outsource to local handymen like so many of the other listings in the phone book.

We think you deserve better than that - especially if someone is coming out to your home.

You need well rounded, background checked, professionals who can advise you on the latest, most up to date ways to keep your home and family safe. Be sure to call our number and discuss some of the many residential locksmith options available to you when you use Locksmith Saint Johns.

Call Us: (904) 201-8092

Commercial Service - Locksmith Saint Johns

All businesses, from the smallest, to the Fortune 500, need professional commercial locksmith services. It's not a matter of if, but of when.

If you are a business owner, you are surrounded by locks and keys all day long. You've got desks, file cabinets, front and back doors, safes, windows and storage rooms.

You've got (or need) alarm system, surveillance, and keyless entry pads. You've got employees who get locked out, get fired, get promoted, etc.

Locksmith Saint Johns provides the finest professional commercial grade lock and key services available in the area and all at very affordable prices. Call us today for an assessment of your company's security situation. There is no obligation and you will feel the relief that comes with knowing that you are protecting your company's assets, both in people and in goods. Call us now.

Call Us: (904) 201-8092

At Locksmith Saint Johns, we are proud of the company we have built. Our client base has made us what we are today. We provide the very finest locksmith services in the region at great prices and with 24 hour accessibility. Our customers appreciate the guaranteed professional work we do and they tell others who call us and start the process all over.

Won't you try us out? See what all the fuss is about. Call our number now and let us show you the "key" to safety and security.l

Call Us: (904) 201-8092


locksmith Saint Johns

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